Are you trying to close a business in Utah? It can be a complicated process with licensing and regulation requirements that must be met. In this article, we’ll provide the steps you need to take to close a business in Utah.

How to Close a Business in Utah?

When closing a business in Utah, it’s important to follow the steps below:

  • Follow Your Utah LLC Operating Agreement
  • Close Your Business Tax Accounts
  • File Articles of Dissolution

Step 1: Follow Your Utah LLC Operating Agreement

The first step in closing a business in Utah is to follow the terms of your LLC operating agreement. This agreement should include the procedure for closing the business, including the necessary votes by the members of the LLC. Make sure all members have voted to dissolve the LLC.

Step 2: Close Your Business Tax Accounts

You must close all of your business tax accounts in Utah before you can dissolve your business. This includes accounts for income taxes, sales taxes, and any other taxes that your business pays. Each account must be closed separately, so make sure you contact the appropriate tax authority for each account.

Step 3: File Articles of Dissolution

To dissolve your business in Utah, you must complete the Articles of Dissolution of Limited Liability Company form and deliver it to the Utah Department of Commerce. After submitting the form, the Department of Commerce will review it and issue a Statement of Dissolution if it is approved. If you request a copy of the Statement of Dissolution, an additional copy of the filed document must be provided. Regular processing takes about five to seven business days.


Closing a business in Utah can be a complex process with several filing requirements. Following the steps above will ensure that you fulfill all of the necessary requirements and that your business is properly dissolved. If you need more information about selling a business or business brokers, check out as a great resource.

What is the process for shutting down a business in Utah?

You must submit a statement of dissolution form to the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code in Utah, which can be obtained online. There is a fee for regular processing, and additional fees if you want to expedite the process. Regular processing usually takes between five and seven business days.

What is the fee to terminate an LLC in Utah?

What is the process for dissolving an LLC in Utah?

1. Gather the members of the LLC and vote to dissolve the business.
2. Submit any and all necessary paperwork to the state agency.
3. Pay off all the debts the LLC has incurred.
4. Take care of all unpaid taxes or fees.

What is the process for dissolving a DBA in Utah?

From there you can select
the option to print a Certificate of Registration.