In this article, we will answer the question: How to Close an LLC in Utah?. Running a business is no easy feat, and sometimes it’s necessary to close a business. As an LLC, the process of dissolution is a bit more complicated than for other types of businesses. In this article, we will discuss the steps necessary to dissolve an LLC in the state of Utah.

What is an LLC?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a type of business structure that allows for a flexible structure and limited personal liability for its members. LLCs are popular because they provide the limited liability of a corporation with the tax flexibility and simplified structure of a partnership.

How to Dissolve an LLC in Utah

In the state of Utah, dissolving an LLC is a fairly straightforward process. The first step is to follow the operating agreement of the LLC. Every LLC should have an operating agreement that outlines how the LLC will be managed and how it will be dissolved. This agreement should detail the procedure and steps that must be taken to dissolve the LLC. It is important to follow this agreement to avoid potential legal issues down the line.

Once the operating agreement is followed, the next step is to hold a vote. All LLC members must be present and vote in favor of dissolving the LLC. Once the resolution is passed, it should be recorded in the minutes of the meeting. It is also important to notify all members of the LLC of the resolution.

The next step is to file the Articles of Dissolution of Limited Liability Company form. This form must be completed and delivered to the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. This document will officially dissolve the LLC and should be signed by all members or the manager of the LLC. If the LLC has no members or manager, it should be signed by the person winding up the LLC’s activities and affairs.

Once the Articles of Dissolution have been filed, the next step is to close the LLC’s bank accounts and other business accounts. All outstanding debts should be paid, and any remaining assets should be distributed to the members of the LLC. It is also important to file a final tax return and notify the IRS of the dissolution of the LLC.


Dissolving an LLC in Utah is a fairly straightforward process. It is important to follow the LLC’s operating agreement and file the Articles of Dissolution with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. Once these steps are complete, the LLC should be dissolved. For more information on business dissolution and business brokers, visit

What is the fee for terminating an LLC in Utah?

What are the steps necessary to close an LLC in Utah?

Hold a meeting of members and pass a resolution to dissolve the limited liability company. Submit any annual and other required reports to the relevant state agency. Ensure all outstanding debts of the LLC are paid off. Additionally, pay any remaining taxes and fees owed by the company.

What is the expense of keeping an LLC in Utah?

The cost to do this is $20.

What is the process for closing a business in Utah?

If you are in Utah, you must fill out a statement of dissolution form from the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. It can be found online. You must pay a fee for regular processing, and if you want it done faster, you need to pay extra. The regular processing time is usually around five to seven business days.

What is the process for dissolving an LLC?

To officially close an LLC, you must submit a final tax return to both the state and Internal Revenue Service. Make sure you indicate on the form that this is the last return from the LLC. Additionally, you should complete Schedule K-1 and provide a copy for each member to use for their individual tax filings so that their respective losses and gains may be reported.