Are you a business owner looking to close your business in Louisiana? Closing a business is a complex process that involves multiple steps. You need to make sure you are following all the correct steps and filing all the correct paperwork in order to successfully close your business in the state. In this article, I will explain in detail how to close a business in Louisiana and the steps you need to take to do so.

How to Close a Business in Louisiana?

Closing a business in Louisiana requires you to file a notarized Affidavit to Dissolve Limited Liability Company with the state. The affidavit must include the LLC’s name and an authorized signature. It must also include the name and notary or bar roll number of the notary who notarized the document. After you have submitted the affidavit, Louisiana will send you a Certificate of Dissolution.

Steps to Close a Business in Louisiana

  • Follow Your Louisiana LLC Operating Agreement
  • Close Your Business Tax Accounts
  • File Articles of Dissolution

It is important to follow all the steps outlined in your Louisiana LLC Operating Agreement when closing your business. You will also need to close your business tax accounts and file articles of dissolution.

Need Professional Help? Talk to a Business Law Attorney

Closing your Louisiana limited liability company (LLC) will involve a variety of tasks. Among the most important of these tasks is to make sure you have followed all of the necessary steps and filed all the required paperwork. For this reason, it is wise to work with a business law attorney who can help guide you through the process and make sure you are in compliance with all applicable laws.

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What is the fee to terminate an LLC in Louisiana?

In order to terminate your Limited Liability Company in Louisiana, a payment of $75 is necessary. Your Louisiana registered agent may be able to provide assistance with the dissolution procedure.

What is the process for shutting down an LLC in Louisiana?

To dissolve a Louisiana LLC, you need to submit an Affidavit to Dissolve Limited Liability Company. The form must contain the name of the LLC and a legitimate signature. Also, it needs to be notarized. After the Commercial Division processes the affidavit, you will receive a Certificate of Dissolution.

What is the process for ending my business with the Secretary of State in Louisiana?

In order to close down your LLC in Louisiana, you need to file an Affidavit to Dissolve Limited Liability Company which has been notarized and submit it by mail or in person with the appropriate filing fee. Additionally, you may also file the document online on the website of the Secretary of State.

What is the process for removing my business from Louisiana?

You must obtain a Certificate of Withdrawal from the Secretary of State in order to give up the power to do business in Louisiana. You only need to fill out one form, which must be notarized, for both foreign corporations and foreign LLCs.