Are you wondering if is legit? That’s a great question and one that you should always consider when shopping online. In this article, we’ll take a look at the website and answer the question of whether or not is a legitimate site.

Is legit?

It seems that is indeed legit and safe to use. The review of is positive and the website’s trust score is based on an analysis of various factors, including website popularity, user experience, and website age. The website has a satisfactory trust rating and is unlikely to be a scam.

However, the best way to tell if an online store is legit and to avoid scams is to check out user reviews and ratings, study domain name and subdomain name takeovers, and look out for any suspicious offers. For example, if a website offers an “extra 5% off your first order,” this is a red flag, and it’s best to stay away.

In the case of, the website has been around for some time and has positive user ratings, so it is likely to be a legitimate site.

Checking other sites

When it comes to other sites, like, for example, you should be wary. This site has the lowest trust rating on our chart, and there is a clear indication of fraud. In addition, most scam websites live for less than one year, and this one has been around for less than a year. Therefore, it’s best to avoid it.

Similarly, is also a suspicious shop. We advise avoiding this website as it may sell you fake products or poor quality goods that do not meet your expectations.


In conclusion, it is likely that is a legitimate and safe website to use, provided you take the proper precautions while shopping online. However, other websites like and should be avoided. If you have more questions about business brokers and selling a business in Atlanta, be sure to check out, a great resource for answers to these questions.

What evidence is there to indicate that an online store is legitimate?

Check the contact information. …
Google the company’s name.

1. Utilize the free McAfee WebAdvisor to determine if the site is safe.
2. Examine the padlock symbol in the URL bar.
3. Confirm the website’s trust seal is legitimate.
4. Consult the Google Transparency Report.
5. Review the company’s social media accounts.
6. Evaluate the website’s overall design.
7. Verify the contact information.
8. Search the business’s name online.

Is the sale legitimate?

Try an old-fashioned web search. Type the name of the brand into a search engine and see what results come up that indicate the company may be a scam. Additionally, check the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and Reddit to see if there is any information about the brand. If there is no information about the company anywhere, that could be an indication that it isn’t a safe place to buy from.

What steps can I take to verify the legitimacy of a business?

To make sure the company is legit, you should look into their address, phone number, and website. However, it’s not difficult for a company to obtain a false address, phone number, and website. If possible, it’s best to go to their physical location and meet the staff there to verify their legitimacy.

What should you do if you ordered something from an illegitimate website?

If you have been a victim of a scam or witnessed one, make sure to tell the Federal Trade Commission by going to their website,