Small businesses are an important part of any economy, and understanding the process of selling one is key to making sure the process goes smoothly. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a small business, you’ll want to know “how long does it take to sell a small business?”

How Long Does It Take to Sell a Small Business?
The average time to sell a small business is 200 days, or approximately 7.3 months. This number has been increasing over the years due to changes in the economy and business landscape. There are some steps that buyers, sellers, and business owners can take to speed up the process, but generally it will take at least six months to sell a business.

If you’re curious what your business might be worth, you can use our calculator to estimate its market value instantly. Preparing to sell a business usually takes around 1-2 months, during which time you should be gathering financial documents and other information that a potential buyer may need.

As a rule, a properly-priced and properly-represented business takes between six and twelve months to sell. However, the process can take much longer if the business is not properly represented or if the buyer and seller are not able to come to an agreement. Recent studies indicate that it now takes, on average, about eight to ten months to sell a small business. This figure seems to increase yearly.

The main factors that can affect the timeline of selling a business are pricing, representation, and negotiations. If the price is too high, buyers may not be interested, and if the seller is not properly represented, potential buyers may not be able to trust the transaction. Negotiations can also take time, as both parties need to reach an agreement on price, terms, and other factors.

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What is the difficulty level of selling a business?

It could take a while to successfully sell your business. You may be lucky and it could happen quickly, but it is not uncommon for the entire process to take multiple months. It is not uncommon for buyers to back out or for deals to fall through, so it is important to stay dedicated and patient throughout the process.

What is the duration of the process to complete the sale of a business?

Generally, it takes between 7 and 9 months to finish the sale procedure and finalize a purchase deal after going to the market. Additionally, you may have to stick around for a transition period.

What is the typical price of a small business?

The sale price of a business where the owner is actively involved is usually two to three times the annual earnings. For example, a company that makes $100,000 a year would be valued at $200,000 to $300,000.

Would now be an opportune moment to put a small business up for sale?

2022 is a great time to consider selling your business due to the high demand from buyers in the market and the labor shortages affecting small businesses. Many business owners assess the timing of their sale towards the end of the year, asking themselves when is the best time to put their company up for sale.