Closing a business in Wisconsin is a complex process that involves a variety of steps. It is important to understand the legal and financial implications of closing a business in order to ensure a smooth transition. In this article, we will provide a concise, easy-to-follow guide on how to close a business in Wisconsin.

How to Close a Business in Wisconsin?

The first step to closing a business in Wisconsin is to establish a valuation of the business. This can be done by obtaining a professional appraisal. It is important to accurately assess the value of the business in order to ensure that all debts and taxes are paid in full.

The second step is to compile a full account of the business’s debts. This should include all loans, taxes, and other liabilities. It is important to ensure that all debts are paid in full before the business is closed.

The third step is to identify and pay any taxes owed to the state of Wisconsin. This includes income taxes, franchise taxes, and use taxes. The best way to pay these taxes is to complete the Request to Close Account in My Tax Account, or to email [email protected], or to call (608) 266–2776.

The fourth step is to dissolve the business’s LLC. This is done by filing Articles of Dissolution with the Division of Corporate & Consumer Services of the Department of Financial Institutions.

The fifth step is to follow the LLC’s operating agreement. This should include any provisions related to the closure of the business, such as the distribution of assets and the notification of any creditors.

The sixth step is to close any business tax accounts. This should include filing final tax returns, as well as any other applicable taxes.

The seventh step is to provide written notice to employees. With certain exceptions, businesses employing 50 or more persons in the State of Wisconsin must provide written notice 60 days before implementing a “business ( …”.


Closing a business in Wisconsin is a complicated process that requires careful attention to detail. It is important to ensure that all debts, taxes, and other liabilities are paid in full before the business is closed. Following the steps outlined in this article will help ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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What is the process for dissolving a corporation in Wisconsin?

You can end your Wisconsin Corporation by submitting Articles of Dissolution – Stock For-Profit Corporation to the Department of Financial Institutions: Division of Corporate and Consumer Services (DFI) using Form 10. Alternatively, you can create your own Articles of Dissolution instead of using the DFI form.

What is the process of withdrawing from an LLC in Wisconsin?

You must submit the DFI withdrawal form to the Department of Financial Institutions – Division of Corporate and Consumer Services in order to remove your foreign corporation or LLC from Wisconsin. The use of this specific form is required.

What steps do I need to take to shut down my business at the end of the year?

1. Submit your last set of documents and related forms. You must provide a final return for the year you close your business.
2. Take care of your staff. Pay the taxes for their employment.
3. Make sure to pay the taxes that are due.
4. Report payments made to independent contractors.
5. Cancel your EIN number and close your business account with the IRS.
6. Keep all records.

What is the definition of administrative dissolution in Wisconsin?

The Secretary of State can take an action called ‘administrative dissolution’ which will revoke a business entity’s privileges, legal capacities and rights.