Are you curious about and whether it’s a legitimate company? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll discuss the company, what services it provides, and the reviews customers have left about their experiences. We’ll also provide our opinion on whether is a legitimate service or not.

Is Legit? is a California-licensed real estate broker that collects a 30% referral fee from all real estate agents that participate. Customers who use will receive unbiased guidance for every selling model, but there are not many customer reviews online. Most of the reviews are negative, with an average rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars. has a rating of 2.25 stars from 20 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. ranks 1074th among all real estate brokerages, so it’s not one of the top-rated companies.

Given the negative customer reviews and the low ranking, we would not recommend using There are many other companies that offer similar services and have a better track record of customer satisfaction and better ratings.

Conclusion is a California-licensed real estate brokerage service that collects a 30% referral fee from all real estate agents that participate. Unfortunately, there are not many customer reviews online, and the ones that are available are overwhelmingly negative. Based on the reviews and ranking, we would not recommend using

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Is 72 a legitimate company?

72SOLD is a genuine enterprise established in 2018 by Greg Hague, an Arizona real estate agent, who also created its parent company, Hague Partners, in 1998. Hague Partners is the most rapidly expanding real estate agency in Arizona.

What is the definition of sold when talking about real estate?

A property is considered sold after all the terms of the offer have been met and the sale is finalized. If the sale is done without any conditions, such as finance, inspection, or other contingencies, it is known as a “Cash Unconditional” contract.

What does it mean to be under contract in Washington State?

The seller, real estate agent and buyer will complete the signing of the agreement, yet the terms and regulations need to be satisfied before it can be confirmed. If any of the stipulations are not met, the contract will be terminated and the property will no longer be available.

What is the definition of “under offer”?

No, ‘under offer’ does not mean accepted. It means that the seller is still looking at the offer and has not made a decision yet. The sale isn’t finished and won’t be legally binding until the contracts are exchanged. It’s possible for the sale to not go through at any point before the contracts are exchanged.